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Mrs Wordsmith How to Write a Story + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

Ages 7 - 11 Year 3 - Year 6
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21 Story Kits featuring illustrated writing prompts, targeted questions for story planning, and curated vocabulary lists
Includes topics from detective adventures to space missions
Easy-to-follow mark schemes
Story Shapes section explains how to create Story Graphs – an illustrated planning framework to help kids structure their stories
Use with Word Tag video game to reinforce vocabulary learned
Ships to the UK
Product Description

Everything you need to know to write captivating stories.

Ships to the UK only.

Product Specific
Publication date August 2021
Format 297 x 210mm (8 1⁄4 x 11 3⁄8 in)
Extent 192pp
Word count 30,000
Age range 7–11
UK ISBN 9780241527146
How to play
  • Step 1 Read through the fun, illustrated Story Shapes
  • Step 2 Use the Story Graphs to learn how a good story looks
  • Step 3 Choose a Story Kit (illustrated writing prompt) for inspiration and get writing!
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Any parent gamers in the house?

You've all had the experience of wanting to unlock that next level, find the hidden Easter egg, snag the coolest, rarest gear. These same incentives lead to the invisible learning of vocabulary. The stars kids gather to reach higher levels, and the coins they use to buy cool swag, are only available once they've completed the word games!

We know that one exposure is simply not enough to really learn a word. That's why we've designed our books and games to be used together, unlocking a funner, richer way to boost vocabulary. Learn more.

Write captivating stories all by yourself

How to Write a Story is a comprehensive workbook designed to help kids excel at creative writing. Packed with tools, tips, and vocabulary, it makes it easy and fun for kids to plan and write captivating stories that are well structured, richly descriptive, and exciting to read.

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The perfect story toolkit

How to Write a Story includes 21 Story Kits to help hids plan their writing. Story Kits have illustrated writing prompts to fire kids’ imaginations, targeting questions to help plan their writing, and curated vocabulary lists to enrich kids’ confidence.

See what the experts have to say...

“This is a wonderfully engaging and helpful resource to help children fall in love with stories. The storytelling guidance is excellent, and the Story Kits are full of helpful questions, rich vocabulary, and even graphs to help motivate and inspire young writers to be.”

Emma Madden | Headteacher, Fox Primary School

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