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Mrs Wordsmith ABC Handwriting Workbook

Ages 3 - 7 Reception - Year 2
Regular price £9.99
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Combines a hilarious story with letter-writing practice pages to teach the alphabet and handwriting
Helps develop handwriting, which is a key skill in learning how to write
Perfect for children aged 4–7 - they can decide how the story ends!
Bogart emoji (dots) and arrows indicate how to form each letter shape
Ships to the UK
Product Description
A hilarious, research-backed way to learn the alphabet and handwriting skills.
Product Specific
Publication date August 2021 UK
Format 297 x 210mm (8 1⁄4 x 11 3⁄8 in)
Extent 144pp
Colour Full colour throughout Word count 1,500
Age range 4-7
UK ISBN 9780241527139
How to play
  • Step 1 Follow printed arrows to learn the shape of each letter
  • Step 2 Trace the letter over dotted lines
  • Step 3 Write the letter all by yourself, following a starting point on the page!
  • Step 4 Scan unique QR codes on each page to hear the sound a letter makes
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An ABC coming-of-age story

Bogart dreams of growing up to become a butterfly. But if all he ever eats is poo, he will become nothing more than a common housefly. So he sets out on the foodie adventure of a lifetime! First with apples and asparagus. Then bagels and burritos. Before long, Bogart is chomping his way through the whole alphabet! And he won’t stop chomping until he becomes a butterfly. Help Bogart chomp his way from A to Z and face his greatest fear - being ordinary.

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Why is handwriting so important?

Handwriting is a crucial skill for children as they move through their early school years. Practising helps them to consolidate their knowledge of letters – an essential precursor to phonics learning and reading.

See what the experts have to say...

“Letter recognition and letter formation are essential skills to develop in children’s younger years. This great book provides a fun way to practise these skills, all through the narrative of a worm eating wonderful, and sometimes unusual, foods!”

Emma Madden | Headteacher, Fox Primary School

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