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Future forward.

Everything we do at Mrs Wordsmith is backed by the latest research on gamification and vocabulary. We work with literacy experts, educators, and child psychologists to design effective pedagogy for our books and games.

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Explore a range of research articles that cover a range of topics including the effects of gamification, how writing can make you happier, and more!

Sight words: The difference between irregular and high-frequency
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Why don’t children just learn whole words?
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The five building blocks of reading
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Teach challenging words early to accelerate lifelong learning
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Why word context is crucial for children with dyslexia
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Why is teaching vocabulary so important?
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These are the words kids should know at every age
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Make the most of reading time: advice from a headteacher
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How does the brain learn to read?
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How to help children develop phonological and phonemic awareness
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What is phonological awareness?
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Why words matter to kids' social development
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The Science of Reading

How the brain learns to read, and our recommendation on best practices for reading instruction.

Phonics Deep Dive

Teaching systematic synthetic phonics impacts children’s reading ability better than any other type of reading program.

Free Resources

Curriculum-aligned research articles and resources designed to support your child’s learning.

Join the latest epic learning adventure!

Word Tag is the fun vocabulary adventure game that combines cutting-edge design and educational research to increase kids’ reading and writing skills through daily activities, helping them to become confident, passionate readers for life!

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