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  • Foolproof Phonics Part 1

    Learn phonics the right way!

    Ages 4-5 Reception


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    • Accurately covers the content in the KS1 Letters and Sounds national curriculum
    • 117 printable pages featuring 50 phoneme-grapheme correspondences
    • Focuses on CVC words and digraphs
    • Unique audio support to hear how to pronounce sounds correctly
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    Phonics, made Foolproof!

    Designed with literacy experts and follows the school curriculum. Foolproof Phonics is a step-by-step programme that takes kids through the different levels of phonics learning and the terms they need to know, exactly the way they do it in school. It includes unique audio support with recordings to enhance word-learning!

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    Get the most out of Foolproof Phonics!

    What kids learn
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    Foolproof Phonics Part 2 is the perfect way to help learn phonics. It covers:

    Phoneme-grapheme correspondences and decoding skills
    Consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs
    CVC, CCVC, AND CVCC words
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    Aligned to the National Letters and Sounds Curriculum

    Built and designed for Reception
    Easy to print and utilise in the classroom
    Teaches phonics in bite-size levels for easy integration into lesson plans

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    Designed for children in Reception

    Divided into five easy-to-follow levels that follow the National Curriculum Letters and Sounds programme.

    In Levels 1 and 2, children learn:

    • 13 phoneme-grapheme correspondences

    • How to decode (read) three-letter words using the letters that they have already learned

    In Levels 3 and 4, children learn:

    • Consonant digraphs that make a single sound, such as ff, ll, ch, th, and sh

    • More CVC words

    • CCVC words such as flush and swing, and CVCC words such as lift and jump

    In Level 5, children learn:

    • Vowel digraphs comprising two letters but correspond to one sound, such as ai, ea, ee

    • Vowel-consonant trigraphs that consist of three letters, such as igh in light

    • More complex words, like CVVC, CCVCC, and CCVVCC words

    See what the experts have to say...

    “What a fun way to learn phonics! Foolproof phonics brings together delightful lessons based on sound research, wrapped around its charming characters that will entice kids to learn to read. I can't think of a more thoughtfully designed phonics program on the market today. Can't wait to get started...”

    Professor Susan Neuman | Literacy Education, NYU

    Foolproof Phonics Part 1

    Ages 4-5 Reception


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