Flush! And 37 Essential House Rules

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Flush! And 37 Essential House Rules

37 rules to help create a happier, calmer home!

Ages 4-9 Reception - Year 4

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  • Developed with experts for social and emotional development benefits
  • 88 Pages of rules for modern households, from reducing screen time to being environmentally conscious
  • Helps teach kids to take responsibility for themselves and others
  • Includes hilarious, Hollywood illustrations and relatable characters
  • Ships to the UK
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Say goodbye to nagging, and hello to a happy, helpful house!

Flush! And 37 Essential House Rules is the family operating manual for the next decade - a witty book of research-backed rules to help you raise calmer, happier children. By drawing upon neuroscience, academic research, and focus groups around everyday family life, Flush! brings essential house rules to life with Mrs Wordsmith’s hilarious illustrations and witty words of wisdom that kids and parents alike won't stop repeating.

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Benefits and helpful hints

Get the most out of Flush!

Rules can be cool
How does it work?
Take it everywhere!

Change the way kids think

Kids who can think for themselves, who respect the world and the people around them, go on to do unexpected and incredible things.
Flush! provides kids with the rules they need to become independent thinkers.
These rules help kids learn to self-regulate and take responsibility for themselves, laying the foundations for school and beyond.
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How does Flush! help kids?

  1. Flush! helps kids learn to self-regulate by demonstrating practical examples of how they should behave in different situations.
  2. Kids read about switching off the lights when they leave a room, learning to share, or taking responsibility for pets, and think about the world around them.
  3. The content they engage with acts as a contract between kids and parents that will put an end to arguments and negotiations around the house.
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Learn from anywhere!

Just because they're house rules doesn't mean they can't travel...
Take your copy of Flush! on holiday, to school, or to your grandparents' house
Wherever you go, there's something to help you know what to do!

Interested in using Mrs Wordsmith in your classroom?

Shoot us an email at social@mrswordsmith.com with your thoughts!

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88 pages
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Flush! And 37 Essential House Rules

Ages 4-9 Reception - Year 4

£9.95 £14.95

Out of stock Buy now

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